Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting Ready for Another Trip South...

VSPI & I love to travel south to Northern California, every few months. Not only is it for "personal" reasons, but also for "paranormal" reasons. For the last 2 years, I've been travelling (representing VSPI and myself) every 2-4 months north of San Fransisco into Sonoma County and its surroundings. Not only is the region beautiful, and I dream of retiring there one day, it is also steeped in history.. First Nations, Russians, the first white settlers into the area, and the arrival of the Spanish etc, have made a huge impact of what the area is today.

My Fiance is one of the most respected Paranormal Investigators of today, and her brother is a genius with "engineering" and such, that I am lucky that we can gather together with each trip, and visit an area believed to be "haunted". At times our friend who is a Paranormal Sensitive will join in on cemetery visits during the day light hours. Who said we have to go "ghost hunting" in the dark? We have visited some interesting places from an abandoned winery owned and operated by a Sex Cult in the late 1800's to early 1900's, to local cemeteries and a haunted bridge. Each time out we come away with interesting thoughts, ideas and willingness to move forward to explore new areas, or come up with plans to gather more evidence. Darryl, my fiance's brother, is often wanting to try out new equipment. I feel so honoured to be involved in this, and for VSPI it brings good news.

Lately I have been reading about the "ley lines" theories. Lesli and I had purchased a local book about spiritual and haunted areas within the county. So I put it to question, why don't we check out this theory of "ley lines" and see if we can gather evidence to support that theory? Darryl has new equipment he wants to try out, and Lesli has been wanting to check out some new places. We have found, through a "ley lines" map in the book, that there are a few abandoned cemeteries, as well as areas of interest. I am excited! So as I pack for my trip, I'll make a check list to include: digital recorders, infrared camera, temperature gages, emf meters, dowsing rods and so on and so forth. What I wish to examine is if our recorders pick up unexplained activity at the same time our emf meters react, as well as other equipment is effected in these areas, compared to areas believed to be "haunted" that are not in the "ley line" crossings. Am I a scientific person? Not really, but I'm learning to pick up on theories and examine them further, which often brings on my own questions, and thus leads to discussions on how we can find answers to them. This to me is TRUE investigating! What is a paranormal investigator if he/she's not questioning the findings of others? The theories developed? The beliefs thought to be true? We are seeking the truth, and thus we cannot simply just agree with someone who speaks, as our job is to go out and prove it wrong or right. If we can. Fun times!

As for an update on the research for the investigation coming in July for VSPI.. oh boy! I have been successful with a most wonderful librarian's assistance at our main Vancouver library! I could not thank her enough, not to forget the PoCo Heritage Society found facts that led me to a huge investigation which ended up in finding amazing connections to murder and intrigue linked to the property! VSPI is excited! When I return from my California trip, the team will perform an investigation on the premises, review the evidence gathered, present the historical facts we found and whatever evidence gathered at the investigation to the owners, and then present the entire event on an online radio show through Paraquest shortly after. (we'll submit the link to a blog before the show, so check back mid-July) This is a huge event for VSPI, and may help us move forward in the paranormal community. I'm sure we'll be thanking more than just the Vancouver Library and Poco Heritage Society for all their assistance. Ok, I have to be patient. We must wait to see what evidence the investigation on the premises allows us to connect. I think I'll bring my dowsing rods.

Well, with my heart pumping in excitement for my upcoming trip, and VSPI's biggest investigation as yet.. I'm ready to catch some zzzzz's. Besides, tomorrow morning I'm up early to watch the Fifa World Cup as I have been for the last week each morning. Grrrrr.. those early mornings. Can't wait for the games to come to Brazil when the difference in time won't be as great.
Wishing you all a peaceful evening!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Task of Paranormal Research..

Oh joy, VSPI is preparing for an investigation in July of a comedy club. We are all truly excited, as we've heard a number of interesting claims of paranormal activity, as well as stories linking the property to a possible burlesque background, a fire, and even a murder taking place. So how does one go about verifying this information? Do we have to? Or can we just go in believing what we've been told and simply concentrate on gathering paranormal evidence during our investigation?

Taking time out to investigate the history of a building/dwelling is important to any paranormal investigation. Yes, we could walk into this blindly and simply believe anything that is told to us. However, that is not how this works. We want to know what the building went through before the present owner(s) purchased the property. This helps us in verifying whether paranormal activity could be tied to a past event. It often even changes what people believe may be going on.