Thursday, February 5, 2015

Antiques, Energy and What VSPI Does...

Did you know that some antique items can retain energy of its past owners?  VSPI found this to be true in a recent investigation.  A new client contacted us concerning activity in his home.  He was concerned for his wife, who had been ill, and wanted to understand what was going on.  During our telephone interview, I received important information.  The client works from home with his “antique watch repair” business.  This had me thinking, what if energy attached to the watches was affecting his wife?  Without disclosing my feelings to the client, I made an appointment for VSPI to visit.

I called on a team member (with "medium ship" abilities) to join me.  Careful not to share details, I wanted to see what she would pick up during our walk through the home.  From the moment we stepped out of the car, I could feel a “pop fizz” feeling rising up my legs from my feet.  I have come to know this feeling as that belonging to “residual” energy.  That is to say, energy which does not interact with the living, but replays itself over and over in the right situations.  Often this type of energy is found in places such as arenas, coliseums, theatres, fire stations, hospitals, old houses and more.  Wherever there has been a large amount of people and animals passing through, the area/building(s) may retain the energy left behind clinging to its walls, floors, ceilings, stones, earth, furniture etc..  When the atmosphere is right, it may release the energy, often causing “paranormal activity”.