Monday, March 5, 2018

The "Haunted" Grey Whale Inn and More!

Dear Friends,

I wrote about our visit to San Francisco on New Year's Eve, in the blog about the "Haunted" Queen Anne. (Read) A few days later, Lesli and I packed our bags again and travelled to the coast of Northern California; our destination was Fort Bragg. Please enjoy our journey.
Photo by Kati - Raider at
Boonville General Store

Our Second Adventure: My wife had gifted us a two night stay in Fort Bragg's haunted "Grey Whale Inn". We set out on a drizzly day, January 3rd, with excitement. I had never travelled this far north in California; therefore, it became a true adventure. We chose to take the CA 128 West from Cloverdale, to the Coastal Hwy 1, and then head north. The drive to reach our destination took just under two hours. Along the way we found ourselves travelling through small towns such as Yorkville, Boonville and Navarro, which are nestled in Anderson Valley where spooky leafless oak trees stand on the hillsides. Once closer to the coastline, we drove through a forest of giant redwoods (Navarro River Redwoods State Park), standing thick and tall, along with fir and hemlock trees lining the highway. The aroma of the area was fabulous!