Saturday, December 18, 2010

Travelling South for the Holiday Season

hello friends,
it's that time of year when I fly south to share the Holiday Season with my fiancée, her family and friends. i always look forward to this, as not only is it a special time to be with loved ones, but we always go ghost hunting and discover something new.

of course i'll be doing all the normal holiday things.. watching movies in our pajamas, enjoying special dinner parties, sharing gifts and joy, and golly so much more.. but i have to say, i enjoy investigating the paranormal in Northern California. there's something about the place that has me curious each and every time i'm there. often i feel a charge in the air, and there is the theory concerning "ley lines" and the paranormal that i wish to investigate further.

according to a book i picked up called "Sacred Sonoma" by Beth Winegarner there are several ley lines throughout the area, and places we've been to appear to be on or near these lines. therefore, i'm definitely wanting to know more, and how these lines correlate with ghostly and spiritual energy. i wish to add, the book is a great read!

so what is in store for VSPI this winter in Northern California? we're looking forward to a haunted cemetery that has a lynching tree. well, from what i read, the tree was chopped down many years ago, but the cemetery is one of the most haunted in the area. the tree was used by a vigilante group to hang 3 men accused of killing a Sheriff and two police detectives around 1920. stories of the tree appearing and casting shadows, strange figures walking around the cemetery and more is what drives paranormal enthusiastics to the site. there is also an abandoned cemetery that we are searching for, with spooky stories of it's own. then there's a few buildings of interest, but we'll see what we can find. a trek up a mountain side, along a spooky road and more are places we can explore.

VSPI and i
wish everyone a Glorious Holiday Season & a Grand New Year, and hope that you spend a joyous time with your family and friends.

be safe out there!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Evidence @ The Giggle Dam Dinner Theater

Is the Giggle Dam Haunted? – Historical Facts & Evidence Found...
Hello everyone, it’s Kati of Vancouver Spooks Paranormal Investigations, checking in with you again. Thought I would provide an update to a most interesting investigation of the building at 2616 Shaunessy Street, formally known as the Port Theatre, and now known as The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre.
I had an interesting interview with Bernie Pregler not long ago. Pippa of the Port Coquitlam Heritage & Cultural Society passed on a message from a member, who suggested we speak with Bernie about the Theatre, believing his father played a part in its history. She was right. So here is an update on the history of the Theatre:
1947 – Three men: Joe Pregler (born in 1905, from Port Arthur, Ont), Dave Kincaid (an investor from Lakehead, Ont) and Bob Miller (a furniture & woodworker – believed to have owned Paragon Woodworks), decided to go into a venture together and build a theatre in Port Coquitlam on a lot that was sitting empty on Shaunessy Street near McAllister. Across the street was the Pacific Stage Line Bus Depot (a website with information on this bus service:, which had a café and a U-shaped drive. At the corner of McAllister and Shaunessy was Hammond’s Garage.
1948 - Fraser Valley Investments Ltd (believed to be Joe Pregler, Dave Kincaid and Bob Miller) built Port Theatre, with Joe Pregler supervising the construction. Wood from 3-4 boxcars built to carry ammunitions to the allied effort in the Soviet Union during World War 2, was used in the building of the theatre by the contractor. This wood was purchased from Crown Assets Disposal Corporation. The building was opened in late 1948, called the Port Theatre, and was used as a movie house.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre Investigation

July 25th, 2010 - a Full Moon day. Mark & I (VSPI) arrived at the Giggle Dam, excited to be investigating this incredible theatre after hearing so very much about it. It was a sunny day, not too hot, and calm out. Once we walked through the front doors, we felt the rush of cold air hit our faces and legs. mmm.. a draft is created every time those doors are opened. Interesting, and something to be noted and kept in mind.

Sheila & Jon greeted us with open hearts and minds. I immediately felt welcome, not only be them but by the building. I had begun researching the background of the building, and found some very interesting information: it was built in 1948 & lumber from 3-4 box cars (built to carry ammunitions to the allied forces in the Soviet Union during WW2) was used in the construction. The building was used as a movie house for variety & vaudeville shows. It was originally called the Port Theatre. No further information could be found concerning this, nor when the place became the Column & Surf. However, it is known to have sat empty for a number of years, until the Port Coquitlam Cabaret Ltd bought the place in the early 1990's.

The building became a night club at that stage, and through the years it changed it's name numerous times in attempt to keep it's licence. In 1994, David Lowe (part owner) murdered William Rudy (silent partner) in attempts to keep the club going. David planned the murder, and carried it out in the club. He wrapped the body in plastic in the basement (where there are drains in the floor) & loaned a van to transport it and dump it in the woods at Harrison Mills, just outside of Aggasiz. The body was not discovered for 2 years, a skeleton by then. Once identified, the police found that Rudy had been missing from a motel room in Aldergrove for some time.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Article for PoCo Heritage & Cultural Society Newsletter

VSPI was asked to write an article for the PoCo Heritage & Cultural Society Newsletter coming out in September 2010.. I thought I'd share it with you today:

Is the Giggle Dam Haunted?
In late July, Sheila Sharma and Jon Lundquist of the Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre contacted Kati Ackermann of Vancouver Spooks Paranormal Investigations concerning some odd occurrences the staff has been reporting. Their most recent experience being the cook reported seeing a dark shape of a man walking past the upstairs kitchen and down the hallway. She went to look, and found no one else around. That experience would bring shivers down anyone’s spine! What is going on at the Theatre?

The Giggle Dam staff has reported a number of unusual instances, from a man in a fedora and long dark coat seen wandering, to loud crashing sounds on a staircase, and feelings of someone watching or standing behind you. Last Halloween, the staff invited some friends and mediums to stay the night. They were told of a woman from the burlesque day that is looking for her red shoe; and of a man who appears to be dark and possibly angry, who enjoys throwing items at people. They were also told the woman is protective, thus guides the items out of the way of targeted staff.

VSPI, who not only attempts to verify and/or debunk paranormal activity, also researches a building’s history. Interesting information has been discovered, yet VSPI is still seeking more. The owner(s) and staff have heard some stories and facts, that it was once a Burlesque Club and Movie Theatre; a murder took place within the building when it was known as the Rumours Club; a young man was beaten, and later died, in the parking lot behind the building; and wood believed to be for or from a Russian Czar, was used in portions of the building’s interior. These historical details became a basis of research by VSPI, who with the aid of the Vancouver Library and the Port Coquitlam Heritage and Cultural Society, came up with some incredible information to assist in putting a timeline together. Kati and Mark, of VSPI, brought in their equipment and spent an afternoon investigating the building, looking to record voices, sounds and possible apparitions.

As Sheila and Jon are not available until later in September, VSPI will not reveal what has been discovered until after their evidence presentation to the two. The Giggle Dam has permitted VSPI to post evidence on their website, and to guest on an internet radio program hosted by KimmieJae of “A Walk in the Reign Radio”, along with Jon to discuss what may be going on at the Theatre.
VSPI would like to extend a BIG Thank You to the Giggle Dam for allowing them to perform a paranormal investigation, and to the Port Coquitlam Heritage and Cultural Society for assisting them in researching the building’s past.

If you have information to assist VSPI and the Giggle Dam, about the past of this amazing building, please contact Kati @ or via their website @ immediately. Your assistance is truly appreciated!
Written by - Kati Ackermann, Vancouver Spooks Paranormal Investigations

Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting Ready for Another Trip South...

VSPI & I love to travel south to Northern California, every few months. Not only is it for "personal" reasons, but also for "paranormal" reasons. For the last 2 years, I've been travelling (representing VSPI and myself) every 2-4 months north of San Fransisco into Sonoma County and its surroundings. Not only is the region beautiful, and I dream of retiring there one day, it is also steeped in history.. First Nations, Russians, the first white settlers into the area, and the arrival of the Spanish etc, have made a huge impact of what the area is today.

My Fiance is one of the most respected Paranormal Investigators of today, and her brother is a genius with "engineering" and such, that I am lucky that we can gather together with each trip, and visit an area believed to be "haunted". At times our friend who is a Paranormal Sensitive will join in on cemetery visits during the day light hours. Who said we have to go "ghost hunting" in the dark? We have visited some interesting places from an abandoned winery owned and operated by a Sex Cult in the late 1800's to early 1900's, to local cemeteries and a haunted bridge. Each time out we come away with interesting thoughts, ideas and willingness to move forward to explore new areas, or come up with plans to gather more evidence. Darryl, my fiance's brother, is often wanting to try out new equipment. I feel so honoured to be involved in this, and for VSPI it brings good news.

Lately I have been reading about the "ley lines" theories. Lesli and I had purchased a local book about spiritual and haunted areas within the county. So I put it to question, why don't we check out this theory of "ley lines" and see if we can gather evidence to support that theory? Darryl has new equipment he wants to try out, and Lesli has been wanting to check out some new places. We have found, through a "ley lines" map in the book, that there are a few abandoned cemeteries, as well as areas of interest. I am excited! So as I pack for my trip, I'll make a check list to include: digital recorders, infrared camera, temperature gages, emf meters, dowsing rods and so on and so forth. What I wish to examine is if our recorders pick up unexplained activity at the same time our emf meters react, as well as other equipment is effected in these areas, compared to areas believed to be "haunted" that are not in the "ley line" crossings. Am I a scientific person? Not really, but I'm learning to pick up on theories and examine them further, which often brings on my own questions, and thus leads to discussions on how we can find answers to them. This to me is TRUE investigating! What is a paranormal investigator if he/she's not questioning the findings of others? The theories developed? The beliefs thought to be true? We are seeking the truth, and thus we cannot simply just agree with someone who speaks, as our job is to go out and prove it wrong or right. If we can. Fun times!

As for an update on the research for the investigation coming in July for VSPI.. oh boy! I have been successful with a most wonderful librarian's assistance at our main Vancouver library! I could not thank her enough, not to forget the PoCo Heritage Society found facts that led me to a huge investigation which ended up in finding amazing connections to murder and intrigue linked to the property! VSPI is excited! When I return from my California trip, the team will perform an investigation on the premises, review the evidence gathered, present the historical facts we found and whatever evidence gathered at the investigation to the owners, and then present the entire event on an online radio show through Paraquest shortly after. (we'll submit the link to a blog before the show, so check back mid-July) This is a huge event for VSPI, and may help us move forward in the paranormal community. I'm sure we'll be thanking more than just the Vancouver Library and Poco Heritage Society for all their assistance. Ok, I have to be patient. We must wait to see what evidence the investigation on the premises allows us to connect. I think I'll bring my dowsing rods.

Well, with my heart pumping in excitement for my upcoming trip, and VSPI's biggest investigation as yet.. I'm ready to catch some zzzzz's. Besides, tomorrow morning I'm up early to watch the Fifa World Cup as I have been for the last week each morning. Grrrrr.. those early mornings. Can't wait for the games to come to Brazil when the difference in time won't be as great.
Wishing you all a peaceful evening!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Task of Paranormal Research..

Oh joy, VSPI is preparing for an investigation in July of a comedy club. We are all truly excited, as we've heard a number of interesting claims of paranormal activity, as well as stories linking the property to a possible burlesque background, a fire, and even a murder taking place. So how does one go about verifying this information? Do we have to? Or can we just go in believing what we've been told and simply concentrate on gathering paranormal evidence during our investigation?

Taking time out to investigate the history of a building/dwelling is important to any paranormal investigation. Yes, we could walk into this blindly and simply believe anything that is told to us. However, that is not how this works. We want to know what the building went through before the present owner(s) purchased the property. This helps us in verifying whether paranormal activity could be tied to a past event. It often even changes what people believe may be going on.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My First Paranormal Experience(s)...

I'm sure we all have moments when we feel the hair on the back of our neck stand up, or when a chill comes over us when we feel something just isn't right, or how about when a cold draft hits us in a warm room without windows and fans, or we think we saw something but we are not sure and believe perhaps we were dreaming.. Yes, I'm sure plenty of us have had those moments. Do we listen to them? Should we listen to them? Are they more than just what they are? Perhaps..
I've had plenty of strange occurrences in my life. Most I've put aside thinking it was just a moment when things were just not right. Other times I've questioned them, but as time passed, and no answer came, I left them behind. Let me tell you about a few experiences I've had that have remained forever unanswered and still haunt me today.

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Good Read - for Paranormal Enthusiasts

I've been engrossed in a book I picked up a month ago: "A History of Ghosts - The True Story of Seances, Mediums, Ghosts and Ghostbusters" - Peter H. Aykroyd with Angela Narth, 2009©.

It's been a great read so far, and reminds me of a book Lesli bought me for my birthday last year, "Poltergeist" - Colin Wilson. Both books refer to a number of the same mediums and paranormal investigators going back to the late 1800's, early 1900's; as well as the information they provide confirms their indepth research. That makes me happy, gives me the feeling that what I'm reading has been thoroughly investigated and confirms each other's findings. Therefore, I find myself following along with excitement and anticipation in what else I have yet to learn.

Yes, Peter H. Aykroyd is the father of Dan Aykroyd, the Canadian actor. According to Peter, his story of spending his childhood watching his family's parlor seances, inspired Dan to make the blockbuster movie, "Ghostbusters". How neato is that? For a parent to know his past experiences have touched their child's life, must be exciting. This is truly family. I know some of the choices I've made have been due to my own parents' experiences. It's a passing of family history.

The book is an easy and delightful read, filled with information and great short stories, as well as is extremely interesting and capturing. Not only does it contain "comments" and "end notes" of value, but also a list of "text sources" and "web sources" we can all check out. It is well worded, and about a subject I've been researching for a while. I tend to browse book stores everywhere I go, whether on vacation or during my weekly visit to neighbouring shops, and pick up on odd books here and there discussing stories/theories about the paranormal and spirituality. I've always enjoyed the touch of a books cover, smelling the paper filled pages inside, feeling each one, and thumbing through for anything that sticks out such as photos or titles on chapters. Books are great!
I'm on the 4th Chapter of this 5 Chapter book. It's definitely captured my interest, and I'm not rushing to get through it. I love to mark pages I wish to read again, and put little sticky notes on topics/paragraphs that hold information I want to research further. This book carries alot of interesting facts and accounts. I will definitely go through it many times again, and refer to the variety of information it provides, as well as share it with my partner. She's into reading as much as I am, and we love to the gift of sharing a good read!

If you have a chance, look for it, and check it out!

My sister Rose, was in Florida over the Christmas/New Year's vacation with her family. She was in an antique book store and picked up a wonderful read for me: "Ghosts in American Houses" - James Reynolds, 1965©. I am excited by this next read. It is filled with stories James picked up from lores and legends passed on. He's also shared his paintings within it's pages. He's a terrific artist! Thumbing through it quickly had me noting that some of the tales are from as far back as the early-mid 1700's. Just what I wanted to read! My sister knows me so well. I'll treasure this.

If you know of any great reads, let me know! I can always use another book! I'll add it to my ever growing paranormal library, and from time to time, blog about it.. so that everyone can catch onto this fever we share.

Happy Reading!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

VSPI - Up & Running!

Saturday night.. and i've been working on getting Vancouver Spooks Paranormal Investigations website up and running. well, *drum roll*.. i'm happy to announce it's up! check it out: YEAH! of course it requires some tweeking and work. i'll be all over that in the next few days. so hang in there folks, we'll get it the way we want it soon. of course i'm open to any comments/suggestions you have for me! email me.. ok?

what else is new?

the Paralympics are coming to an end. Canada's had such a great ride so far. with several local women making a huge splash in the skiing events.. gold here and there. it's truly amazing! i was watching online a "visually impaired" Alpine Skiing Downhill event, and i was stunned. WOW! with a guide skiing feet ahead of them, and communicating only via a headpiece.. i just can't imagine going downhill at such a speed without "seeing" what is infront of oneself. kudos to the guides for giving amazing direction! i thoroughly enjoyed watching the Sledge Hockey events as well. the athletes are truly built of strength, determination and will to look forward. this game ranks up there with plenty of our NHL & Olympic Ice Hockey games. a new fan has been born in me!

[photo: Val (a volunteer), Quatchie & me]
i became a volunteer for the Olympics out at the UBC Thunderbird Arena, and i had a few days out at the Canada Hockey House towards the end of the games. my favourite part of being a volunteer was meeting people from all walks of life, of all corners of our world, and trading pins with children.. needless to say, i have picked up some cool pins from the RCMP, Czech Republic, Latvia, China and a few more. the people who traded with me were remarkable. there was one evening when i was working in the wheelchair access stands, and a father with his young son (around 7 years old) came in. i assisted them in finding their spot. soon the son wanted to go get some goodies to eat, but with the crowds, his father (in a wheelchair) didn't think it safe for him to go out on the concourse. i had some snack bars in my wonderful blue "smurf" jacket, so i gave them to the child. he looked up at me and smiled with such glee, as if i had just made his day. during intermission i volunteered to take the child to the food stands. his father was very grateful, but you know, i was the one who benefitted from this moment the most. i made new friends and learned something i shall never forget. "giving is precious, for that moment you see a child's smile, is the treasure of it all."

night has fallen, and i'm tired. tomorrow i think i'll go down to Robson Square in the afternoon with my camera and see if i can take a few pictures. the closing ceremonies will be out at Whistler. thank gawd for tv. i can watch them in the evening.

wishing you all a super duper GROOVY weekend! chat with you soon!