Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Cheque Forgery Man... (Convict Interred at Boot Hill Cemetery)

Hello Friends,

Our stories about the convicts buried at Boot Hill Cemetery (used between 1913-1967) in New Westminster, BC, now turns to a case of large proportions in Western Canada. The convict accused and sentenced, was interred at Boot Hill Cemetery, also known as the B.C. Penitentiary Cemetery. It has finally been recognized by the City of New Westminster with a small sign at the gate, the long grasses, weeds and brambles removed, and new stones laid (the old grave markers the prisoners had made were removed) in place, using a ground penetrating device. This is our nineteenth blog about the convicts at Boot Hill.

Meet Convict #9693 - W Black
Courtesy of Find A Grave - photo: Herbert Rickards
Location - northeast end of the cemetery - bottom of hill, last row