Sunday, March 10, 2013

Boot Hill Cemetery (BC Penitentiary)

A good friend of mine wanted to experience a mini ghost hunt.  She was curious about what I do as a paranormal investigator, and what it all entails.  I suggested we go to a cemetery which had been created for the B.C. Penitentiary prison of New Westminster, and she was in agreement, not realizing what the adventure would bring.  She invited a good friend of ours, and on a sunny winter afternoon, the three of us met up for our journey.

A view of the cemetery looking northwest.
The unmarked cemetery is situated not far from the Woodlands Memorial Gardens. As it involves going through property owned by the Queens Park Care Centre, I will not provide a map on how to find it.  Regardless, this abandoned cemetery is on land owned by the city.  There is no evidence of anyone taking care of it.  The grass is overgrown, with blackberry bushes growing wild.  One has to be careful where they step.  Feces from wild animals, dogs and cats are found scattered throughout, thorns of the berry bushes easily hook into trousers and socks, and because the ground is wet and soggy, it sinks in areas.  If you plan a trip to this plot of land, I suggest you wear hiking or gum boots and long pants.