Monday, May 23, 2016

Sentenced to Hang! (Convict Interred at Boot Hill Cemetery)

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Photo by Kati - unknown found in vicinity of Convict #2304's grave
In 1918-1919, influenza swept the world. According to Sarah Buchanan's (B.Sc., Queen's University, 2007) thesis titled "Spanish Influenza in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, 1918-1919", in the Abstract on page iii it states: "During the last year of World War I (1918), a second deadly foe was causing mortality around the world. Spanish Influenza killed an estimated 50-100 million people worldwide, including 50,000 people in Canada during the 1918-1919 pandemic." It goes on to say "...those who were between the ages of 19 and 39... showed higher odds of dying from influenza during the epidemic." Her thesis examined the period between June 1918 to June 1919.

"Four Walls in the West, The story of the British Columbia Penitentiary" written by Jack David Scott, page 54: "In 1919 the Spanish influenza epidemic, which had hit the western world, made its appearance in the prison. Eighty-four convicts were hospitalized and five died."

Meet Convict #2304 - William Chinley: was a victim to the epidemic, and according to his death certificate, he lost the fight and passed away on January 05, 1919.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Roosters Country Cabaret - Pitt Meadows BC

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We've posted our research & evidence of our investigation at Roosters in Feb.15/2016. Want to check it out? VSPI - Roosters
Photo Courtesy of Paul Kingsbury - Team outside at Roosters
It was an interesting evening. With unlimited access to the cabaret, and after a walk through, talking with some of the staff, we settled in to find out if indeed some of the claims would present themselves to us. We weren't disappointed. From a stool falling over (we cannot confirm this was unexplained, but check out the video and decide for yourself! The stool starts to fall, then stops, waits a moment, and then, as if someone pushed it from behind, it begins to fall forward again), knocks and cracks heard throughout the evening, to voices found on our video evidence that we did not hear at the time.. the cabaret did not disappoint us. At the request of the owner, we performed a special cleansing of the establishment before we left, in hopes of removing any negative energy from the place.

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