Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Importance of Standing Together - Family!

In order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the family involved in this case, we have changed their name and location. This investigation took place in August 2014 around the time of the Super Moon.

Be Advised: VSPI does not stand in judgement of anyone. Most of us go through a period in life when we experience difficulties that become overwhelming, and we struggle to find our way out. Do some of these sound familiar? Teenagers rebelling against parents, illness and/or injury, bills piling up, loneliness and sadness, depression, loss of communication within the family unit, fear of change, loss of a family member and so on...
These are some reasons to stop and recognize what is going on within your family, stand together, and ask for help.
The following case describes a family that appeared to be overwhelmed and reached out for help. They are a lovely family, kind and generous; but were lost in what to do next.

Case: A client emailed VSPI seeking help. His family was plagued with activity in their home over the past few weeks, and it was on an up-rise. There was a story connected to a wind up music box, from an old country, but also significant that whatever it is may be attacking certain persons of the household.
I called immediately, listened, acknowledged, asked some questions and let them know their safety was most important to us. Mr. Smith (we'll call the family the "Smith's") sounded urgent, out of breath, and relieved that someone was responding quickly. He was trying to relay everything in just a few minutes, as if he could not believe it himself. A few points I noted was the Grandfather had an injury which put him in the hospital with internal bleeding, and Mr. Smith kept asking his daughter (let's call her Anne) for information of the occurrences in the home. From the telephone interview, I determined that Grandfather and Anne appeared to be the focal people in this case.

After getting the team together, along with a "sensitive" (or "medium"), we drove to a beautiful area where the trees stand tall, the air is fresh, waters rush down from the mountain, and people were splashing, and having fun in the community pool. Lovely!
Well, not so lovely after all. What came next was most interesting, and definitely filled with negativity. It was growing.