Saturday, November 24, 2012

Poco Heritage & VSPI - Mini Ghost Hunt (Oct/12)

“Did you hear that?” a young girl asked the group and looking at me with hopeful eyes.
“Yes, it sounded like a chime.” I confirmed her observations.
“I heard the same thing.” Brian, the president of Poco Heritage Society, agreed with us.
Several others nodded in confirmation.

We sat in silence waiting with wonder, hoping to hear the bell-like ringing again. It
came a little later, but this time it was two chimes in a row. Settled on the floor of the backstage hallway in the dark, the group was wide-eyed hoping to capture some evidence of the spirits from beyond. I was leading a group of teenagers and adults in a mini ghost hunt at the haunted Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre. Earlier, I had guided them through a power point session on investigating the paranormal at the Poco Heritage Society’s temporary site, and then walked the group over to the Theatre to put what I taught them into action. We were practicing using our senses, being alert and conducting an EVP session in the dark. Calling out to the spirits of the Theatre, we had hopes to make contact with the main spirit, William (or Bill as he sometimes comes through), who was been murdered in the building in the late 1990s. Wondering if this was a sign from either Bill or one of the other spirits (there’s the man who stands on the stage and appears to children and makes himself known to sensitive’s /  the woman who is seeking her red shoe we believe to be Rose Anne Lilly / and a woman we call "Maria" who died at the famous Essondale Hospital of the Mind, now known as Riverview Hospital, who is seeking someone to help her find her stolen child).  Unfortunately it was not a sign, nor was it paranormal.