Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of the year again, when most of us rush around to finish this and that, complete our shopping, wrap up projects, and ensure everything is in place for the Holiday Season.  If you are anything like me, you procrastinate a little and end up finishing things in the last minute.  When will I learn?

I remember, as a child, my father would take my siblings and me, in the early hours of a November morning, down to the fish docks.  We’d wait in long line ups, with other families, to fill our buckets with freshly caught herring.  I can see some of your noses crinkling, but until you have tried this delicacy the way our family serves it, you truly don’t know what you’re missing.  We’d fill at least 5 big buckets (I would say a good 100 of the tiny fish) and enjoy the smell of the sea filling the car on our trip home.  I would then assist my mother in the washing and cleaning of the fish; removing the innards and filleting them.  They would then get layered with coarse salt in big ceramic pots and sit in the dark of our basement cellar for weeks.  The salt would cook the fish, so the end result would be to wash them off, and cut them up to ready them for salads.  My mother always made a most delicious Herring Salat (German).  It was mixed with cooked potatoes, pickles, hard boiled eggs, sliced apples and cooked red beets, and seasoned with vinegar, salt & pepper, and dill weed.  I would always try to steal a few mouthfuls before it was served to the family on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve was the special evening of celebration with a family gathering and a pot luck meal.  Mom would always invite friends who found themselves alone at this time of the year.  After a short retirement to our bedrooms, we’d hear a bell ringing, calling to us to come to the living room to see the wonderment of a Christmas Tree and all the lovely presents underneath.  Now mind you, we had to work for those presents.  My siblings and I would have to prepare a poem, act out a skit, perform with instruments, or tell a story before any of us would be able to partake in the merriment of gift opening.  Then we sang a number of holiday songs while some of us played recorder or the piano.  The wait for that moment was always so long and arduous. I would often shake in fear that I would say something wrong, or play my recorder with mistakes, or would simply forget my presentation all together.  However, I always succeeded.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Necessary Trip (A Reminder of Why I Ghost Hunt)...

A good friend contacted me asking for help.  She was experiencing frightening activity.  Although she could not see anything (shadow people, anomalies etc.), she knew that something was surrounding her from time to time in what she thought was her safe haven.  This not only added to the stress in her life, but it frightened her about the future.   Her boyfriend, however, was not feeling anything and had no idea how to resolve the issue.

In order to protect their privacy and confidentiality of my friend, I’ll call her ‘Star’ and her boyfriend ‘Moon’.

VPL, Special Collections - Circa 1916 Robson St.
I performed some light research of the area and took the time to visit this lovely friend, her partner, and of course their adorable cats!  I noticed immediately that there was high electromagnetic field readings in her apartment, because my body felt as if it was being charged and it was constant.  So I took a reading with my meters and determined it was due to old wiring (an old oven & refrigerator were the main culprits, while in the bathroom an old lighting fixture raised alarms).  Star and Moon live in a small one bedroom apartment of a high-rise building in Vancouver’s West End.  I determined Star must be hyper sensitive to the amount of energy emitting from these appliances.  I asked her simple questions to help determine what she was feeling, where she frequently sat etc.  This revealed an enormous amount of information to assist me.  I showed them both, explaining in simple terms, what was going on and what I recommended they do.  To learn this was something they could work with and correct, provided much relief from the anxiety Star was carrying.

A few days later, I heard back from Star, telling me that things had gotten much better.  She no longer sat in an area that was immersed in high EMF waves, and had found a way to cope with the energy in the bathroom.

A few months later, I heard from Star again.  This time she was experiencing activity in other areas of the apartment, thus believing it was due to spirit visitations.  She shared photos taken which had light streaks across them.  Star had become extremely concerned and once again was feeling extra stress in her life.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Ghosts of Salmagundi West...

Circa 1935 - Cordova & Cambie (photo courtesy VPL Archives)
By now most Vancouverites have heard of, visited, and even experienced the spirits of Salmagundi West, a curio shop in the city’s Gastown area.  The incredible eclectic collection of unique items Anne Banner sells in her shop, help lend to the entire “paranormal” claim.  Salmagundi West may also resolve some of your “I don’t know what to get so & so for Xmas” troubles.  If you have not dropped by, please do so @ 321 Cordova St West.  Tell them VSPI sent you.

For Vancouver Spooks, this shop is certainly one of mystery and chills.  However, during our first investigation (end of July 2014), an early evening one and not the usual overnight exposure, we did not collect paranormal evidence to prove the claim of “spirits”.  This doesn't lend to the fact that some team members had personal experiences, which cannot be presented as proof.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

VSPI @ ColdCon 2014

VSPI will be at ColdCon 2014! Don't miss out.. here are the details:
When:   Sunday, November 9th
Time:    Starting at 5 pm
Where: The Columbia @ 530 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC

Drop in, visit with us at our table. Chat, get to know us, and visit with other vendors and teams. It's a great day to explore the Paranormal!
VSPI will have a fundraiser (proceeds go to pay for upkeep of our equipment & travelling expenses) - Use your psychic abilities! Join in to win!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Research Brings Gifts...

Hi Tante Kati (German for "Aunt Kati")! I just moved into a new place and was told by the downstairs tenants that apparently our suite is haunted! One room specifically. The house is definitely old, probably at least 70-80 years. Do you know how I would go about learning more about the history of the place? Maybe you could come over and investigate it! I haven't noticed anything unusual going on, but I have only slept there one night so far since they are currently renovating it." Natasha, my niece, messaged me through Facebook one Thursday evening.

Of course I was intrigued, and wondered if the renovations would kick up activity. I would have to know more. With a few messages back and forth over the next few days, I received the address of the home and began my trek through the wonderful world of research. I let Natasha know that if anything unexplained occurred over the following week, to write it down, text me any time, and I would help as best as I could. I promised to get back to her within a week. A few days later, Natasha let me know her doorbell had rung with no one there, and she witnessed a shadow person, possibly a woman, looking at her.

Occasionally I receive visitations from spirits in my own home, usually the week prior to an investigation. It seems as if they know I am coming. Sometimes I get a feeling of whom it is, and other times I’m not sure. When I hear the footsteps on my bamboo runners, or the glass smashing in my kitchen, or knocks on my walls, I always rule out the obvious (living in a cement building transmits less noise than in other structures – I check thoroughly regardless). With the upcoming investigation at Natasha’s, I received a visit from what I felt was a female spirit informing me she was looking for someone. I read out the names of the families I had researched and landed on one that made absolute sense. I kept this information to myself.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Importance of Standing Together - Family!

In order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the family involved in this case, we have changed their name and location. This investigation took place in August 2014 around the time of the Super Moon.

Be Advised: VSPI does not stand in judgement of anyone. Most of us go through a period in life when we experience difficulties that become overwhelming, and we struggle to find our way out. Do some of these sound familiar? Teenagers rebelling against parents, illness and/or injury, bills piling up, loneliness and sadness, depression, loss of communication within the family unit, fear of change, loss of a family member and so on...
These are some reasons to stop and recognize what is going on within your family, stand together, and ask for help.
The following case describes a family that appeared to be overwhelmed and reached out for help. They are a lovely family, kind and generous; but were lost in what to do next.

Case: A client emailed VSPI seeking help. His family was plagued with activity in their home over the past few weeks, and it was on an up-rise. There was a story connected to a wind up music box, from an old country, but also significant that whatever it is may be attacking certain persons of the household.
I called immediately, listened, acknowledged, asked some questions and let them know their safety was most important to us. Mr. Smith (we'll call the family the "Smith's") sounded urgent, out of breath, and relieved that someone was responding quickly. He was trying to relay everything in just a few minutes, as if he could not believe it himself. A few points I noted was the Grandfather had an injury which put him in the hospital with internal bleeding, and Mr. Smith kept asking his daughter (let's call her Anne) for information of the occurrences in the home. From the telephone interview, I determined that Grandfather and Anne appeared to be the focal people in this case.

After getting the team together, along with a "sensitive" (or "medium"), we drove to a beautiful area where the trees stand tall, the air is fresh, waters rush down from the mountain, and people were splashing, and having fun in the community pool. Lovely!
Well, not so lovely after all. What came next was most interesting, and definitely filled with negativity. It was growing.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

VSPI Survey Results

Hello friends,

VSPI participated at the 2014 Car Free Vancouver: West End Festival on Sunday, June 15, 2014.  We were excited and met people of all beliefs.
Some people took the time to answer a few questions on our survey, and we thank them for that! We thought we'd share the survey results with you in two forms: 'Overall' results, and 'Age Group' results. The results were extremely interesting to us, and we hope to you as well.

So here we go: 55 People were polled.

Result One - Overall:

Results Two - Age Group:

Ghosts: As you can see, the youngest group is 100% open to Ghosts (spirit activity etc), while the oldest group is 100% non-believers. Interesting to note is the 35-49 Age Group at 93% "Yes".
UFOs: When it comes to the Alien discussion, the 20-34 age group is the strongest in their beliefs for the possibility @ 80%, while again the oldest group is 100% non-believers.
Cryptozoology: This is most interesting, as the subject is open to a variety of creatures/monsters believed to walk our earth. Again the youngest group is the strongest in their "Yes" beliefs, with the middle age groups not far behind, and the oldest is positive in their beliefs that these creatures do not exist.

It opens up discussion as to how open minded we all are. Does it depend on our upbringing? Is news of our day a factor? It appears more believe than are non-believers. Is this a trend due to television programming, the increase of sightings, and interest in pursuing the truth? Or is this simply something instilled in how we think from childhood on? Are more parents encouraging open minded thinking today than they did over 66+ years ago?

To weigh in, we welcome your thoughts.
Please visit our Facebook page @ Vancouver Spooks & post your thoughts, or send us a private message if you prefer to keep them confidential. We respect your privacy.
Or you can comment to this post.

Something to think about indeed, and discuss with others.
As paranormal investigators our position is to look for evidence; but I'd like to add, VSPI is open minded in our thinking.

John & Kati @ Car Free Vancouver: West End Festival on Sun.Jun15th 2014.

We Thank Everyone who came out to visit with us at our tent display & are excited about new connections, old friends, and the open discussions we had.

Thank You for your Support!

Talk soon,

Saturday, June 14, 2014

VSPI Participates @ Car Free Day - Sun.Jun15th

Hello Friends,

It's been a while. We've been busy with private investigations and getting ready for events.
Come down to the Car Free Vancouver: West End Festival & visit our tent!

What: Car Free Vancouver: West End
(website:  - hashtag: CFWest )
When: Sunday, June 15, 2015
Where: on Denman Street (between Davie & Robson Streets)
Time: Noon - 6 PM
VSPI Location: Near Haro, west side of Denman, in front of Gohren & Associates store front
Fee: Free!
Walk, Bike, Transit! Leave the car at home.

  • Participate in our Survey: Do You Believe?
  • Purchase a ticket to win one of two prize baskets celebrating "Halloween in June!"
  • Share your experiences
  • Sit down & chat 
  • Meet investigators
  • Check out some of our equipment 
  • Enjoy the fun atmosphere!
  • Bring your family & friends
  • and more!

It's a great time to meet us, find out who we are and what we do.
If you need help, believe you may have spirits residing in your home (place of business etc), this is a great time to come talk with us. We will protect your privacy.

Don't wait! Make plans to spend Father's Day at this fabulously fun outdoor street festival. We'd love to meet you!
We hope to see you there!
Twitter: VSPI_spook  | Hashtag: #VSPI