Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cemeteries of Sonoma County

Hello Friends,

As I mentioned in our previous blog, I thought I'd tell you about some of the cemeteries we visited at the end of Dec 2010 into the beginnings of the New Year 2011. They are:
Forestview Cemetery - established in 1873, aproximately 5 acres and dotted with Russian Orthodox crosses. Although we did not have any spirit contact here, this small cemetery lays off the main road, and gives off a peaceful feeling.

Oak Mound Cemetery - not known of the establishment date, however, the Cemetery folks advised it was in the mid-1860's & if we find any diffinitive answer to let them know. There are gravestones marked back as far as the 1840's, however, it was believed that a cemetery may have been near the town square, and due to a flooding, bodies floated up from underground. Therefore, they wanted to establish a cemetery on higher ground. Thus the cemetery today is on a hill.

Travelling the older part on the hill, we felt a pull in one area. Although our meters did not detect anything, using dowsing rods I connected with one soul. A feeling of sadness and a light headache, seemed to move around the small area. A mist is seen in the photograph. It was not there to our naked eye, but showed up in both the full spectrum shot as well as the normal camera shot, making this interesting.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Haunts of Sonoma County

Green Valley Road: On a grey sprinkly afternoon in late December 2010, Lesli and I took a drive down Green Valley Road, in Sonoma County, looking for a haunted lumber mill. As the story goes, a woman experienced what appeared to be people of a native tribe standing out along a tree line, talking and pointing at the mill, where the woman and a friend were. The woman had an urge to look behind her, and that is when she saw these people. They soon disappeared, but left the woman with a shaking feeling.

The area was known to be inhabited by the Pomo Native tribes prior to the white man storming in and taking over the land. Two ley lines are believed to run through this area, the Goat Rock ley line and the Joy Woods ley line. Where these two lines intersect, is believed to contain some of the most haunted real estate in the county. Green Valley Road is in that vicinity.

Ley Lines: Ley lines and their effect on the paranormal is only one theory VSPI is investigating. What are they? Alleged alignments of a number of "sacred" places of geographical interest, that are thought by certain beliefs to have spiritual power and contain unique energy.
As I am researching "ley lines" and their effect on the paranormal, I've discovered that many agree that there is a certain pull to animals and insects, to these areas of the earths energy. This is fascinating to me, as perhaps this pull is also evident for humans and spirits.

Back to Green Valley Road, since there was nothing much going on, we decided to check out the area. Unfortunately, we did not find a haunted lumber mill, but we did come across the connection to Mays Canyon Road, which is believed to be haunted with legends of its own. So we drove that road as well, and drove back a few days later, when the rains had stopped, to take some photos.