Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ghost Towns & Cemeteries of Crowsnest Hwy #3 BC

Hello Friends..

My wife (Lesli) and I decided to take a road trip during our vacation period at the end of September, and when the opportunity arose, we jumped into a rental car and headed east across British Columbia on the Crowsnest Highway (BC Hwy #3). It was an experience we'll never forget.
Our Trip Map (Google map + edits by Kati)
VSPI had been contacted by a family in the Kootenays about activity in their home around the time when I was making plans for our vacation. Our promise to our clients is to find a way to assist them and the spirits of the house in finding peace. This case had extreme activity; from frightening dreams of a woman screaming, choking sensations in their sleep, to a black shadow man in the baby's bedroom and unusual sounds heard throughout the house. The homeowners have a small child to consider and were at their wits end. Research brought about evidence of a large number of deaths in the area due to mining, the lumber industry, drownings, overdoses, murder and suicides. It makes for a lot of dark energy in a small area. We had to do something.

Note: I wrote about the case in our previous blog: Calling Spirit Energy. Give it a read before you continue here, to get a full picture of what was going on.