Sunday, April 14, 2019

Being Sensitive to Spirit Energy...

Hello Friends,

One evening, just as I was falling asleep, and in that stage where the body is settling in; without warning, I felt a stab in my back. My eyes opened. I was alert; laying on my right side, facing my bedroom wall. A second later I clearly heard someone thumbing through a magazine. The sound of each page being turned was distinct. I felt another jab into my back. I realized it was an elbow. Then I felt movement down near my feet. Someone was in bed next to me.
My body tensed. Fear crept in. What do I do? How could someone have come into my home and layed down next to me without me knowing? With bravery and courage, I flipped over quickly to face the person. In an instant, a flash of a woman with wavy grey hair, propped up by pillows, reading a magazine, came to mind. In reality, no one was there. I was alone in bed. I was stunned.
[Note: I determined this was not a result of sleep paralysis as I had the freedom to move and speak.]

The next day, I discovered who this elderly woman was. I had been called out to a young lady's basement apartment of an old heritage house, to help cleanse the space. She always felt there was something going on. Unexplained noises, a feeling of illness and dread, and movement heard in her corridor were only some of her experiences. The tenant explained that a few years previously, an elderly woman had passed away of cancer in the bedroom. She had been confined to her bed, and often enjoyed reading magazines to pass the time. It all clicked into place. I described the woman who had visited me. "That's her!" cried the tenant. Certainly the energy of the space was thick, and I could feel (with tingles running down my back) that a spirit energy was with us. I spoke out to the spirit to let her know she would be alright and could now move out of the suite to join her loved ones in her next phase of the afterlife. The tenant and I went about cleansing the space, saying a prayer, and asking the spirit(s) of the home to move on, as now the space belonged to the tenant and her daughter. A few weeks later, the tenant reported that everything felt better and had endured no further occurrences.
Photo by Kati - Heritage Homes in Mole Hill (Mar.02, 2019)