Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Shadow People/Beings... Negative Energy or?

Hello Friends,

It has been a perception that “shadow people/beings” are made up of negative energy and may be considered demonic in nature.  However, is this something we can say with absolute certainty?  No, it’s still being debated in the paranormal community.
There are several theories offered.  Skeptics, the science community and those who have never experienced this phenomena may put forward the idea that it's your own imagination, tricks of the eye, illusions, and possibly one with a logical reason (IE: flashlight from another room bouncing off a person, car headlights flooding in from behind, moisture collected in the atmosphere, fog and so on).  But is this true for all sightings? If not, are these entities ghosts or demons or what?

In the following investigations, I will describe experiences of VSPI and some of our clients with the “shadow people” phenomena.  Unfortunately we were not able to capture them on film.  However, after in-depth client interviews, and thorough investigations using a variety of methods to gather evidence to support the sightings; we may have found some answers, and, unfortunately more questions.
To protect the privacy of our clients, we will not reveal the names/locations of some of the cases.