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The Importance of Standing Together - Family!

In order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the family involved in this case, we have changed their name and location. This investigation took place in August 2014 around the time of the Super Moon.

Be Advised: VSPI does not stand in judgement of anyone. Most of us go through a period in life when we experience difficulties that become overwhelming, and we struggle to find our way out. Do some of these sound familiar? Teenagers rebelling against parents, illness and/or injury, bills piling up, loneliness and sadness, depression, loss of communication within the family unit, fear of change, loss of a family member and so on...
These are some reasons to stop and recognize what is going on within your family, stand together, and ask for help.
The following case describes a family that appeared to be overwhelmed and reached out for help. They are a lovely family, kind and generous; but were lost in what to do next.

Case: A client emailed VSPI seeking help. His family was plagued with activity in their home over the past few weeks, and it was on an up-rise. There was a story connected to a wind up music box, from an old country, but also significant that whatever it is may be attacking certain persons of the household.
I called immediately, listened, acknowledged, asked some questions and let them know their safety was most important to us. Mr. Smith (we'll call the family the "Smith's") sounded urgent, out of breath, and relieved that someone was responding quickly. He was trying to relay everything in just a few minutes, as if he could not believe it himself. A few points I noted was the Grandfather had an injury which put him in the hospital with internal bleeding, and Mr. Smith kept asking his daughter (let's call her Anne) for information of the occurrences in the home. From the telephone interview, I determined that Grandfather and Anne appeared to be the focal people in this case.

After getting the team together, along with a "sensitive" (or "medium"), we drove to a beautiful area where the trees stand tall, the air is fresh, waters rush down from the mountain, and people were splashing, and having fun in the community pool. Lovely!
Well, not so lovely after all. What came next was most interesting, and definitely filled with negativity. It was growing.

I felt it from the moment I stepped into the home. It was upstairs. I could feel my heart pounding harder the closer I got to a staircase which led up and around a few corners. We had to remain calm. We were here to help the family!
We met Mrs. Smith, Anne and her boyfriend. Mr. Smith was on his way home. Mrs. Smith and Anne appeared to be stressed out, with bags under their eyes, lack of sleep was evident, and there was some sort of friction I could not put my fingers on. Anne's boyfriend was aloof, uninterested, into his phone and sat on the sofa quietly. After introductions, I asked Mrs. Smith if it was OK to walk around with the medium first, and then we'd sit down and talk. She was fine with this idea.

We started at the living room, where I had the family fill out a questionnaire,and our liability release form. John, one of our investigators, found high EMF (electromagnetic fields) readings in the area of an old radio and electrical outlets. This of course showed us it was man-made and could have an effect on how the family feels when spending time in the area. Such as: thoughts of being watched, anxiety, creepiness and more. As we walked around we noted to ourselves that the home was in upheaval, or so it seemed. There was clutter, with walls that needed washing. The home had a darkness to it, even though the kitchen window was open and sunlight attempting to push its way in. It stopped at the living room area, and a hallway which led to the front door.

A bathroom door, near the entrance, had a hole as if someone had punched it hard. Next to it was a stairway to the basement, so John ran down with a digital recorder, which he left there for the duration of our investigation. We then took the other staircase that led upstairs. The stairwell was gloomy. The carpet and walls needed a good cleaning, but what caught my attention was the feeling the area gave off. I noted my heard begin to pound, and an anxiety began to build. I was on guard. Once we rounded two corners, we arrived upstairs. A short hallway with a bathroom to our left (at the front of the townhouse) and a master bedroom in front of us. The hallway led to the right, ending at two bedrooms. One to the left, with the door slightly ajar, and one directly in front of us. Although it was a sunny warm day, I had difficulty breathing freely upstairs. I had to put it down as summer weather impact, but was it? The heaviness ran along the hallway and led to the bedroom at the end. Anne's bedroom, we later found out. Opening that door we discovered darkness and more disarray. It felt like something was hitting me deep within, telling me I was not to enter. I did regardless. Like any teenager does, clothes were strewn around the floor and on the bed. Books, games, makeup and more were scattered everywhere. The room itself didn't feel good, regardless of the mess. We listened to the medium, who advised us the concentration of dark energy may be targeting Anne's room. It was also attempting to reach into the other bedrooms, but the one next to Anne's felt light and airy, as if it was protected by angels. We later found out it belonged to the Grandfather. The master bedroom was not completely free, as the heaviness seemed to breach its doorway, but did not spill into the room. The bathroom felt free of any darkness. When I asked the medium what she believed it was, she answered that it was not human. Earlier in the kitchen she had advised, although she didn't like to say it, that the home felt like an "angels and demons" situation. She could not feel human spirits, and believed it was a dark entity that had entered the home from outside in the recent weeks. Someone may have brought it in. What was it? Were we in danger investigating? Was the family going to survive this thing? Could this be taken care of? The entire time upstairs I unconsciously kept my back to the walls for fear of being pushed from behind. I realized this as we stood near the stairwell leading down. 

We proceeded downstairs and out the front door to the lawn. There was a tiny little music wind up mechanism sitting on a lawn chair. We put our EMF meters next to it and received no readings. The medium put her hand over it and felt nothing. I wasn't feeling anything out of the ordinary when I put my hands over it. John did so as well, and stated he felt nothing. We decided to go back into the house, as this didn't seem to have any bearing on what was going on within.

The medium and I sat down with the family to ask some questions and listen to their claims, while John sat alone in the upstairs hallway in attempts to do some EVP (electronic voice phenomena) work.

We found out that Grandfather had fallen in a store and was brought to the hospital with internal bleeding. He had been out of the house for approximately a week. He had let them know of the constant 3:00 am knocking on his door, and said something about an Asian girl. It wasn't clear. After a list of the usual questions, everything came to light when the medium asked Anne "have you played with a Ouija board?" She replied, without hesitation, "yes, 2 months ago, in a cemetery", and an "ah-ha" moment hit us! This is when things began in the home, according to the family.

It may be the explanation for the feelings we were receiving. It didn't feel human, it felt like a big ball of negative energy, which was growing and feeding off the family's fear and trying to destroy the goodness within.

While I was explaining the cautions of playing with Ouija and possibility of bringing something negative and unwanted into the home, the medium and John went back upstairs to confront whatever it was. I was asking further questions, trying to get a full understanding, and it just seemed to me that even though Anne told me she had gotten rid of the board, that she wasn't telling me the full truth. She was hiding something. Later, after the investigation, the medium told me of her suspicions that Anne may have the board in her room. Her boyfriend, upon hearing the activity had nothing to do with the wind up box, left without a word.

It appeared to be a simple case of: "stressed out teenager, playing with Ouija in a cemetery, brings negative energy home." It starts with turning lights on and off, knocking on doors, seeing things in mirrors and doorknobs etc., and then progresses to something darker with a plan to cause alienation within the family, pulling them apart and taking over. Negative energy thrives off chaos and fear, and this helps its growth.

Resolution: For the entire family: Clean your rooms, your home. Open your windows. Allow good light to flow through. Clean yourself (get well and allow healing in), believe in good things. Protect yourself. Pray. Get help and/or counselling for the stress. Get the family together in a circle, hold hands and order "it" to leave. Kick it out by saying "You are not welcome here. This is our home. You must leave. You have no permission to be here. We are not afraid of you. Leave! Go! Now!" Be authoritative. Take back your home.
I presented them all with their own black tourmaline stone and instructed them how to use it. The stone is one I use in all of our investigations. It is great at keeping negative energy at bay. It doesn't stop activity, but helps to keep it away from the person(s) who possesses it. It does not work on its own in some cases, such as this. The stress involved may have encouraged negativity to enter. Healing as a family unit will assist in casting out the dark energy. However, if this is ignored, it may escalate. This doesn't work in all such cases, as it depends on the strength of the dark energy. I don't like to use the word "demon" as this is not always the case when negative energy thrives.

Evidence: We are in the midst of reviewing our audio recordings; however, thus far we have discovered two separate voices responding to our discussions and questions. One male and one female. Both seem to mock and challenge us. These may be of the dark entity.
I made attempts to contact the family a few days later, to see how things are going. They have not returned our call. I hope they have taken my words to heart and proceeded to help themselves. I ask everyone to send positive energy their way, and will hold on to the "hope" that all is well.

VSPI will share some of the evidence gathered on our website in the near future; however, we will maintain the anonymity of the family and their location for their protection.

Note: VSPI does not state that using a Ouija board brings negative energy to anyone and everyone who uses it, but we advise that "caution" should be used when playing with the "unknown". If you feel anything dark to be taking place, please say your "goodbye" and close the game. If you are under great strain or stress, please heal first before using the board. It may be a game, but any time we open a door to the "other side", we cannot be sure of what or who may enter the door to the living.
I always recommend caution, to be responsible; and we recommend to clear and clean yourself afterwards. A good way to do this is to reach within yourself and use the power of your belief and prayer. If you are not religious, then arm yourself with positive energy from a talisman, totem, gemstones/crystals, or the energy of the earth and moon. Take a shower, imagining all negative energy is flowing down the drain. Wash your clothes immediately to dispel any negativity that is trying to attach itself to you. If you have stress in your life, please seek counselling and get the help you or your family may need by reaching out to professionals, family and friends. Coming together, as a family, is positive energy and can help rid of any negativity before it has a chance to thrive. If you do not have the funds to gain counselling, then reach out to non-profit organizations who have a good reputation. VSPI can always assist you in locating these.

With this case, the negative energy was just growing, in its youth (so to say), and the belief that this family can oust this energy is strong. Please remember, often families do not ask for help until it is too late. So reach out! Ask for help in the early stages. It's better to know how you can help yourself and your family, than to live with this negativity and allow it to build until it has pulled you apart.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We welcome all comments and questions. You can email us through our website's contact page, or simply by commenting here. We are not experts. We do not pretend to know everything about this subject. We simply go with what our evidence reveals and the use of our senses. We take this seriously... and we will find help if needed and asked.

Blessings to you all! Talk soon,

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