Saturday, March 20, 2010

VSPI - Up & Running!

Saturday night.. and i've been working on getting Vancouver Spooks Paranormal Investigations website up and running. well, *drum roll*.. i'm happy to announce it's up! check it out: YEAH! of course it requires some tweeking and work. i'll be all over that in the next few days. so hang in there folks, we'll get it the way we want it soon. of course i'm open to any comments/suggestions you have for me! email me.. ok?

what else is new?

the Paralympics are coming to an end. Canada's had such a great ride so far. with several local women making a huge splash in the skiing events.. gold here and there. it's truly amazing! i was watching online a "visually impaired" Alpine Skiing Downhill event, and i was stunned. WOW! with a guide skiing feet ahead of them, and communicating only via a headpiece.. i just can't imagine going downhill at such a speed without "seeing" what is infront of oneself. kudos to the guides for giving amazing direction! i thoroughly enjoyed watching the Sledge Hockey events as well. the athletes are truly built of strength, determination and will to look forward. this game ranks up there with plenty of our NHL & Olympic Ice Hockey games. a new fan has been born in me!

[photo: Val (a volunteer), Quatchie & me]
i became a volunteer for the Olympics out at the UBC Thunderbird Arena, and i had a few days out at the Canada Hockey House towards the end of the games. my favourite part of being a volunteer was meeting people from all walks of life, of all corners of our world, and trading pins with children.. needless to say, i have picked up some cool pins from the RCMP, Czech Republic, Latvia, China and a few more. the people who traded with me were remarkable. there was one evening when i was working in the wheelchair access stands, and a father with his young son (around 7 years old) came in. i assisted them in finding their spot. soon the son wanted to go get some goodies to eat, but with the crowds, his father (in a wheelchair) didn't think it safe for him to go out on the concourse. i had some snack bars in my wonderful blue "smurf" jacket, so i gave them to the child. he looked up at me and smiled with such glee, as if i had just made his day. during intermission i volunteered to take the child to the food stands. his father was very grateful, but you know, i was the one who benefitted from this moment the most. i made new friends and learned something i shall never forget. "giving is precious, for that moment you see a child's smile, is the treasure of it all."

night has fallen, and i'm tired. tomorrow i think i'll go down to Robson Square in the afternoon with my camera and see if i can take a few pictures. the closing ceremonies will be out at Whistler. thank gawd for tv. i can watch them in the evening.

wishing you all a super duper GROOVY weekend! chat with you soon!

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