Saturday, December 18, 2010

Travelling South for the Holiday Season

hello friends,
it's that time of year when I fly south to share the Holiday Season with my fiancée, her family and friends. i always look forward to this, as not only is it a special time to be with loved ones, but we always go ghost hunting and discover something new.

of course i'll be doing all the normal holiday things.. watching movies in our pajamas, enjoying special dinner parties, sharing gifts and joy, and golly so much more.. but i have to say, i enjoy investigating the paranormal in Northern California. there's something about the place that has me curious each and every time i'm there. often i feel a charge in the air, and there is the theory concerning "ley lines" and the paranormal that i wish to investigate further.

according to a book i picked up called "Sacred Sonoma" by Beth Winegarner there are several ley lines throughout the area, and places we've been to appear to be on or near these lines. therefore, i'm definitely wanting to know more, and how these lines correlate with ghostly and spiritual energy. i wish to add, the book is a great read!

so what is in store for VSPI this winter in Northern California? we're looking forward to a haunted cemetery that has a lynching tree. well, from what i read, the tree was chopped down many years ago, but the cemetery is one of the most haunted in the area. the tree was used by a vigilante group to hang 3 men accused of killing a Sheriff and two police detectives around 1920. stories of the tree appearing and casting shadows, strange figures walking around the cemetery and more is what drives paranormal enthusiastics to the site. there is also an abandoned cemetery that we are searching for, with spooky stories of it's own. then there's a few buildings of interest, but we'll see what we can find. a trek up a mountain side, along a spooky road and more are places we can explore.

VSPI and i
wish everyone a Glorious Holiday Season & a Grand New Year, and hope that you spend a joyous time with your family and friends.

be safe out there!

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