Thursday, February 5, 2015

Antiques, Energy and What VSPI Does...

Did you know that some antique items can retain energy of its past owners?  VSPI found this to be true in a recent investigation.  A new client contacted us concerning activity in his home.  He was concerned for his wife, who had been ill, and wanted to understand what was going on.  During our telephone interview, I received important information.  The client works from home with his “antique watch repair” business.  This had me thinking, what if energy attached to the watches was affecting his wife?  Without disclosing my feelings to the client, I made an appointment for VSPI to visit.

I called on a team member (with "medium ship" abilities) to join me.  Careful not to share details, I wanted to see what she would pick up during our walk through the home.  From the moment we stepped out of the car, I could feel a “pop fizz” feeling rising up my legs from my feet.  I have come to know this feeling as that belonging to “residual” energy.  That is to say, energy which does not interact with the living, but replays itself over and over in the right situations.  Often this type of energy is found in places such as arenas, coliseums, theatres, fire stations, hospitals, old houses and more.  Wherever there has been a large amount of people and animals passing through, the area/building(s) may retain the energy left behind clinging to its walls, floors, ceilings, stones, earth, furniture etc..  When the atmosphere is right, it may release the energy, often causing “paranormal activity”.

My team member confirmed my feelings; however, she added that several family members in spirit were present and attempting to fight off this energy to protect the client’s wife.  It was too powerful for them.  Confirming this was important, for I often receive visitations of spirit(s) prior to any investigation.  A week earlier, a female spirit visited me at home.  She felt like a “mother figure” who wanted me to share her love and healing with someone. At that stage I did not know anything about the client and his wife, other than having just received an email asking for help.  The day of the investigation, a male spirit visited me.  I felt chills running down my spine and on the back of my legs. (With a female spirit I normally receive Goosebumps on my arms, shoulders and neck; not to forget to mention, female spirit feels lighter to me)  I knew it was a man carrying a message asking me to hurry.  For me, messages are like thoughts; only thing is, I know they are not mine.

After our walk through of the home and gathering of information, we saw a clear path on how to assist the clients:
1) place a bowl of water near the work station.  This often helps absorb energy.
2) place several tablespoons of sea salt into a zip lock bag, and add a few watches. Give the bag a good shake, then remove the watches. Put the sea salt into a garbage bag, and place a fresh supply into the baggie.  Repeat this process with a new set of watches, until all have been cleansed.  After completion, take the garbage bag of sea salt and discard it in a dumpster outside of the property. Do not leave it in the home. It is believed that the salt absorbs energy attached to the items.
3) perform a “home blessing” of the Islamic faith we found for the client.  It is based on prayer to be repeated 3 times. It can be refreshed at any time, and/or used every time the client arrives home from an outing. This would bring peace and love, mercy and protection into the home.
4) due to an orthodox upbringing, we supplied the wife with a bundle of white sage for smudging and walked her through the steps of how to use it.  This would help rid the home of negative energy.

A few days later, I received a call from the wife thanking us for our assistance.  Already she noticed changes.  She finally was able to sleep through the night, and felt as if something had been lifted.  I asked her to keep in touch, encouraging her to remain positive, and reminded her to visit the doctor for a checkup.  Her spirit family was, after all, quite concerned with her health.

IMPORTANT:  These steps do not work for every case, as it depends on what is going on in the home and why.  Vancouver Spooks has been successful, through a combination of research and medium ship, in finding out what is happening before we can suggest a remedy.
For instance, in one home a spirit wanted recognition.  In another home a previous owner (in spirit) was seeking a family member.  In yet another instance, a past owner (in spirit) was protecting the home from a possible theft; and so on.  Therefore, each case is unique, and until we know more, we cannot recommend a course of action.

Most people do not understand why they have activity, and simply think a home cleansing or blessing will result in removing what they do not understand.  This may not work in all cases.  Often activity is because a spirit (or spirits) are trying to send a message.  Knowing what that message is certainly helps.  Not all paranormal activity is negative, nor is it out to harm.  That is why VSPI loves doing the work we do.  We listen to both our clients and spirits.  We try our best through research, compassion, and understanding to help both.  Each case is unique, and until we try to understand what is going on, we truly do not know what will come next.

Know someone who has a lot of antiques?  Sea salt may help to remove unwanted energy; but if it’s intelligent energy, I’d want to know what keeps it attached first.

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