Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Events

VSPI has been invited to present in two events for the Halloween season.

Ghost Hunt @ The Giggle Dam - Event
Event #1:
Thurs. Oct 24th @ 6:45 pm. Poco Heritage & Cultural Society has asked us to host a "Ghost Hunt at the Giggle Dam".
To preregister: email us @ .
Fee: "by donation". All proceeds go to the Poco Heritage & Cultural Society.
The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre, with it's abundant history, is our focus.
Read about the Theatre:
VSPI - Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre .
We are proud to be working with the Dam crew again. Thank you to Sheila & Jon!

Halloween Spooktacular with VSPI - Event
Event #2:
Fri. Oct 25th @ 6 pm
Presented by: T&T Spiritual & Wellness Connections
Where: The First United Spiritualist Church in Burnaby.
Sign Up: @ their website:
Thank you Tara for inviting us to participate!

So what are you up to this Halloween? Why not join us @ either event.
More information can be found at the above links, and at our Facebook page: VSPI - Facebook Page as well as our website.

We'd love to see you there & get to know you.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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