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Fighting Negative Energy & Oppression...

Hello friends,
This past weekend VSPI performed one of its most urgent and extreme home cleansings/blessings; as well as cleansing the client of a negative energy that had been attacking her and getting stronger by the day.  This is what VSPI is about, “carrying through with our promise to help our clients as best as we can”.  Indeed something to be proud of and shows that not all paranormal teams are “all about gathering evidence”; that we care, are compassionate, take action to resolve issues, and are a necessary group in this field.
So what happened? Why was this needed? What was going on?  Find below some of the facts of this case. Keeping in mind, we are protect the privacy and confidentiality of the family involved, and will not disclose their name(s) or location of their home.

A family contacted us in April, asking for confirmation that what was going on in their home was truly “paranormal”.  The claims included:
Scratches on daughter
1) voices heard shouting obscenities,
2) footsteps & doors slamming on the upper floor of the townhouse,
3) an oppressive feeling surrounding the daughter (19yrs old), inappropriate touching, scratches on her back, and a shadow person witnessed,
4) an unseen entity shoving people down the stairs,
5) and lastly, items (such as CDs) being thrown across the living room floor at people on the sofa.

After an interview with the mother, I determined to perform some research on the area and make a plan with the team to go in for an afternoon investigation.  Due to a small child in the home that they could not remove for a lengthy period of time, we agreed a day time investigation would allow the father to take his young son to a park, and help us determine what may be going on. We chose to bring along a medium to gain some insight and possibilities.

During the investigation
Once our investigation was complete, we sat down with the family (the father/son had returned just as we were packing up), and suggesting a smudging of the home and cleansing of the daughter. I had packed and extra dried sage stick to leave for the family, and provided them a bag of sea salt with instructions on how to use both.  I walked the mother/daughter through the process of cleansing and agreed to come back to assist if needed.  For some reason, I did not think the daughter was taking this seriously.  She had indicated to us that she did not believe in a God or in Christianity. Her mother is of Catholic faith, and her father is of a Coast Salish Native tribe. She, however, had not decided on what to believe, or if she had a belief in anything at all. I asked her about “energy” and if she believed that her ancestors (those who walked before her) would come to protect her if she called them.  This idea seemed to make much more sense to her. So I suggested she call on them, instead of praying to a higher spirit.

Two weeks later, the mother asked if we could come by and help them perform the smudging, as she attempted it but was nervous she was doing something wrong. I agreed immediately; but, as the day arrived to make the trip south, she sent a text that the family had fallen ill with the flu.  Could we hold off a week or more?  I suggested she contact me when they were ready.  I knew that something was preventing them from wanting me there to help.  The family must “want” this in order for it to work. One cannot force a cleansing. Everyone involved has to have the intention of wanting this negative energy out of the house and their lives.

I did not hear back from them for nearly a month; until recently when the mother texted that it had become extremely urgent.  The daughter had fallen into a dark oppression.  Her demeanor was changing for the worse, and she had reported that an entity had violently shoved her boyfriend off a bed, and then began to touch her inappropriately.  She could not see who/what it was, and was now frightened enough to say she needed help.  Yet when her mother insisted she was going to call VSPI, her daughter shouted in a growly male voice “NO!”  Incredible, this was the sign where I knew we would have to come no matter what.  With the rest of the family calling for help, I knew we had enough to push the ceremony forward.

I put together a ceremony that would be a good fit for the entire family, which included a bit of Christianity and a bit of spiritual healing from the ancestors and the Creator.  The most important thing was to cleanse the daughter outside of the home, and to perform this act during the daylight when the entity and its negative power would be at its weakest.
The mother was waiting for us impatiently once we arrived. I had my kit in hand.
Cleansing Kit
1) smudging sticks (white sage and white sage + juniper) to aid in clearing negative energy,
2) sea salt from the Mediterranean to assist in clearing negative energy,
3) a white candle representing truth, unity, protection, peace, purification, happiness, and spirituality,
4) extra virgin olive oil to anoint the doorways, entrances & exits to the home which represents purity,
5) a homemade ceramic bowl to catch embers and ash from the smudging sticks,
6) a pink candle representing devotion, love, tenderness and faith,
7) a protective amulet, talisman or totem, which I then pray over and wear,
8) and my black tourmaline stone, which is activated to absorb negative energy and protect me. This I wear on my body (usually tucked away in a pocket or in my bra).

First, the two of us (Natasha – our investigator in training), and I performed a “grounding” and “white light” ceremony outside for each other.  After all, without us being in full balance and protection, we truly cannot assist any clients in need. **Note: for great methods, try Michelle Belanger’s book “The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide” – a fabulous book!

Next, we invited the daughter to come outside so we could perform a smudging ceremony on her. She wasn’t resistant, but I could feel the negativity and lack of energy flow off of her. She was walking in a sleepy daze, and I didn’t think she was completely aware of what was going on. I read out a prayer directed to the “Creator” and her Ancestors to wash her clean of all negative & demonic energy, and bring light, love, prosperity, protection and healing into her life, while we smudged her with the sage using an eagle feather.

Then, we covered the daughter in a bubble of white light.  This actually woke her up.  She felt positive energy buzzing around her.
Now we had completed the most important step of protecting the daughter.  It was time to move indoors and cleanse the entire house.

A) The first step was for all windows, doors, drawers, closets and the attic trap to be opened. We wanted to make sure that no space was left untouched by the sage smoke. I busied the mother with this task so she would keep her intentions focused.
B) Then we began at the top of the house, moving our way to the basement.  The daughter had two prayers to read out loud in each room, with the rest of us repeating the prayers out loud.  I held the smudge stick; Natasha had the eagle feather to help distribute the smoke into all corners of each room, the daughter reading out loud, and the mother holding a white candle. We basically were attacking with smudge, prayer and purity.
C) The next step was to move through the house in the same pattern, with a vial of extra virgin olive oil to anoint each doorway and window, and a bag of sea salt to sprinkle in each corner, and across the exit/entrances of each room/space. The mother followed with the white candle, and we all chanted the same two prayers with the daughter leading the way.
D) After this was completed, we met in the living room on the main floor, stood in a circle, held hands and read out a Warfare Prayer with force, meaning and determination. The prayer was written out of several prayers I had found, again to fit the beliefs of the family. **Note, for an excellent book, try reading “Fighting Malevolent Spirits” by Samantha E. Harris.
E) Once this process was done, we then moved outside. We stood together surrounding the daughter and cast white light on her.  Then the four of us held hands in a circle, closed our eyes and cast the white light over the townhouse, thus covering both from head to toe (top to bottom), and anchoring it into the ground. We were done.

When we went back inside to pack up and review what we had accomplished, we noticed the house gloom and doom had lifted, and I can’t say enough how it just seemed so much brighter inside. It felt as if the sky had opened and the sun light came pouring in.  I also want to say that during the process the daughter was displaying more confidence and spoke louder and louder with each step taken. She was in charge, and truly throwing her intentions and weight into telling the entity and negative energy to “leave! You are not welcome here! You are no longer allowed here!” She truly had become a new person.

Before the Warfare Prayer, the mother let me know that while we were anointing the daughter’s room with oil and sprinkling the salt, she saw a glow of yellowish-green around my face.  She was shocked but was sure what she had witnessed.  I am not one who can see auras (human energy field), but this is what I am led to believe it could have been.  When I arrived home, I looked up the meaning of auras and found this: “Creative with heart, communicative”.  Yellow is: “It is the color of awakening, inspiration, intelligence and action shared, creative, playful, optimistic, easy-going”; while Green is: “growth and balance, and most of all, something that leads to change. Love of people, animals, nature; teacher; social”.  Interesting!

I left instructions with the family to contact me within two weeks with an update. I advised them that if anything happens again, to call me immediately, for we will come back and perform the cleansing over and over until it works. I suggested the daughter to cleanse herself with sea salt.  There are a variety of methods one can follow. I can explain this in another blog on another day soon. This often helps to cleanse from within.

The following day I received a text message from the mother: “Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming out to us yesterday! We really appreciate it. The energy is clean and good. Feels like a whole new house! I realize I over worry regarding my daughter. I was getting paranoid. She is like a different person already. In a great mood and laughing. Thank you to you and Natasha, and thank you to your crew. I will update you in a bit.”

I cannot explain the joy in my heart when I read the message. I immediately responded with positivity and encouragement to look forward to good things, to new life, and new beginnings.  My heart is overwhelmed with what we did.  No one can say they walk away after an intense ceremony such as this without feeling something.  I felt drained but excited, optimistic and convinced our ancestors, Gods, protectors and good energy had saved the family from plunging further into the depths of you know what.. I hate to say it, but "demon infestation".  I normally look upon such things as negative energy that can grow and become the nastiest of all, where it feeds off the family and causes great harm.  I don't like using the “D” word, as I am not of a faith that looks at it this way.  If it is a word you prefer, then that is what we encountered and fought.  With each step I could feel our strength growing, the darkness lifting, and the family gaining back its unity. I truly believe that we succeeded in evicting "whatever it was" from the house.

If you have encountered such nastiness and would like to talk about it, please send us an email (for privacy), discuss it here in the comment section, or visit us on our VSPI Facebook page where you can comment &/or send a private message.  We are open to hearing your story(s) and assisting you if help is needed.

I must state however, we cannot promise that our methods work in all cases.  We are not demonologists; but we are kind, loving, compassionate and understanding people who truly want to help our clients in gaining back their home.  Not all energies are evil.  This one happened to be just that.

Talk soon, and keep safe!


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