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Cleansing / Blessing - Your Home & Yourself!

Hello friends,

It’s been awhile.

I’ve been busy assisting in the packing of my mother’s apartment for her move into a new home. As she is in her later years, my siblings and I are set with this arduous task. Packing has always been a process I've disliked. However, I am filled with historical data and memories my mother has saved about our family's past. Photos and letters of family members I've heard little about, and items of memorabilia saved.. it's truly incredible. This approach has me thinking about what I may leave behind.  What is my legacy?  Who will read it? Who will touch my photos and items?  Will they be thought of as important and teach those after me about our family history?  It also has me thinking of spirit(s) who still linger with us on our earth.  What is it that keeps them here? Can spirit(s) attach themselves to items? Or is it energy of the item's past? Would we have to cleanse (or bless) these items if they bring that energy into our living space?  And, why is it that when the team and I go to an investigation, the spirit(s) already know we are on the way?  It certainly brings up other topics to discuss... but first, let's talk about Blessing and Cleansing ourselves and our sacred space, what we call "Home".  

Recently, I was contacted by a young lady I met through a fundraising event VSPI was involved in some years ago. She needed help and thought of us. She had a problem. The older adults in the home do not particularly want a paranormal team in the house.  Therefore, we had to think of unique ways to lend our help. After a lengthy talk over the phone, some text messages and emails, we came to a conclusion it was best she smudge the house.  Research showed there had been 2 women murdered within the past 10 years in her area, and the house had a history of unsavoury people and drugs.  The young lady advised what they had been going through, and continue to on a regular basis. I felt a darkness overcome me as I sat listening to her shaky voice, and a chill rise up my spine. I had to shake it off and concentrate. She also mentioned a soldier, who may be kin (or attracted) to one of the older adults, has appeared on occasion at a bedside for a number of years. I calmed her fears letting her know we're on her side, and together we set a plan in motion.

I provided her temporary methods of protection for her and her partner, who live in the basement of the house.  Then we talked about how she would perform a smudging, the tools she needed, and advised her it was best to do this when the older folks are away. She has agreed to proceed as soon as possible. In the meantime, I have been thinking of her, saying prayers, sending white light to surround the house (I do this through visualization), and asking her protectors and angels to be on guard.  So far, this has worked. We are in touch on a regular basis.

So here we are. I've been receiving requests from people asking about cleansing methods for not only their homes, but for themselves.  In response, VSPI has added some new pages to our website:

Take a look.  They are a combination of research, plenty of discussion (with those in the paranormal field, other persons and clients), and procedures/rituals that have been successful for us and others.
Note: VSPI cannot promise they will work.

What is a Home Blessing?  It is a preventative method for negative energy to enter our sacred space. It's especially great for a new home environment, or a renewal on an older house. It is typically something you can perform on our own. There are many methods suggested, and it depends on our choice of religion/belief. If you do not prescribe to any religion, we have suggested a simple method to assist in this. Remember, your intention is important to have any blessing work.

The Home Cleansing is indeed a serious ritual; and I suggest first that if you need one, or believe you do, that you reach out to our team. Let’s talk about what is going on, and then we will make a recommendation for resolve. It is always with Your permission and we'll protect Your belief/religion. Again, it may only work if you "believe" in it. Your intention is needed to stay strong throughout any method used, and a focus on the positive is important.

Note: In most cases, we've found that either there is a logical reason, or spirit(s) are truly just looking for help.. reaching out in a manner that is considered “unexplained”, thus placing fear into the owners/tenants of the property.

Not everyone is aware of the signs spirit(s) may be sending us. I can imagine this is frustrating for a spirit when it attempts to reach out, but finds no one listening. Often, after a client has contacted us, I receive a visit by the spirit(s) in my home. Sometimes it is with a message to "hurry", or more specific to what they are looking for. Research has led us down interesting paths in the past!
Once the team visits the home its owners/tenants, listens to what has been going on, learns, looks for logical reasons, and collects evidence; the team proceeds quickly to review everything. We consult with our clients as quickly as possible. We will do what is needed to help! If a cleansing is needed, we will assist, show you how to perform it and walk with you through it. If a spirit needs rescuing, we will do our best to help them move forward. We will not leave you alone in this.

If you feel you’d rather try the steps on your own.. just remember, if not done correctly it could lead to extreme activity. We urge you to contact us first, as we have experience and will guide you towards a resolve.

We thought we’d share the info as we understand people will search the internet for all types of information. This has often led to confusion and the possibility of it going wrong. VSPI wants to help you as best as we can. So again, I know it's old news, but it has to be said.. Please Contact Us!

Self-Cleansing.. this has to do with You and how You feel within. Often the fast moving pace of our society, the needs of family, and the urgency to get things done, brings extra stress on our lives. With this, increasingly we discover we may no longer manage on our own. It's never easy to reach out for help. Admitting to it can include feelings of embarrassment and/or shame.
Cleansing ourselves may help to lift some of the burdens we carry, and to walk forward with our heads held high.  If our methods do not work for you, and we cannot promise that they will, we suggest reaching out to a professional to discuss what the root cause is and how to move forward.
I openly admit that in my past I have visited a psychologist who helped me to understand my feelings, make a plan to move forward, and regain the trust and joy I had lost. Truthfully, it was a "new" feeling for me.. a much deeper one filled with peace. A very small circle of the closest sisters and friends supported me with every step, and believe me, I reached out often. Today, I cannot be more thankful for being brave to take the step. It truly saved me from darkness. I cleanse myself on a regular basis; every time I take a bath, visit a "haunted" place, and/or experience added stress in my life. It's become a ritual. Each time I feel renewed and ready for what comes next.
One added tip, on New Year's Day I run into the ocean to "wash off the old and begin with the new"! Yes, I am a Polar Bear Swimmer.. as they call it here in Vancouver Canada. Try it! It really helps..

Therefore, if you feel a need, cleanse yourself. Combine it with a blessing of your sacred space. It may help you in moving forward.

What's Next: If you have any questions, thoughts to share, or idea of how to move forward.. please comment here, or email us through our Contact Page at our website.
We are here to help you solve whatever may be going on.

News: VSPI is travelling back to Sonoma County in Northern California from Dec.23/2015 to Jan.16/2016. We are excited to be visiting our second home over the Holiday Season. Here we come California!
If you are in the area, and need help.. Reach Out! We are on our way.

Talk soon and Happy Blessings,


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